Our Services


Laser – Powder – Cladding is used to restore worn out/damaged parts back to original size

Additive Manufacturing

By adding unique materials like Aluminium Bronze and Tungsten Carbide to strengthen your parts.

Engineering solutions

Providing engineering solutions be it by laser cladding, other repair methods or a combination of both

Laser Cladding Advantages

Increased resistance to wear and corrosion

Minimal thermal distortion

Fusion bond

Very low porosity

Our Technology

Laser – Powder – Cladding works by fusing new material onto old worn surfaces through welding by laser which can strengthen and enhance the original component to lengthen it’s lifespan

Our Facilities

We are proud to say that we own two high powered lasers coupled with high accuracy 6 – axis robot for laser cladding of complex geometries. We also have cranes that can support up to 20 tons of load to handle your parts.

News, Events and Latest Repairs/Projects

2024-March Future of Vessels

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About Us

Founded in 2010, Laser Cladding Singapore (LCS) is a 4-way joint venture formed between CLLS Pte Ltd (Singapore), German partner Gall & Seitz System (GSSY) GmbH, Nippon Diesel Service (NDS) GmbH and Yanmar International Singapore (YIS) Pte Ltd.